Privacy Policy

Updated: 18 Dec 2021

Your privacy is a key concern. I aim to reduce the amount of personal information accessible. Other than the basic information provided by your browser such as: IP Adress and User Agent (these are currently not used anywhere on the current site, but could be logged in future applications). I also aim to keep your data secure and private.

Information that is collected

Information collected may include your IP address and User Agent (Operating System, Browser). Both the IP address and User Agent string can be freely change by the user and such should not be considered as very identifiable. This information is primarily used for debugging applications and might be included in logging data. Plausible Analytics is also used to track site usage (does not use cookies for tracking).

Additional information may also be stored on an application basis, things like: application settings, provided user content (e.g. comments, feedback, etc.). I endeavour to use client-side encryption before storing provided user content were suitable.

How information is collected

Information is collected from the user through the information they provide when using the site or applications provided through the site. Small amounts of information is collected from the browser, such as your IP Address, Browser, Operating System, this information is never used for anything other than debugging application or included in logging data. Plausible Analytics may also collect small amounts of information from your browser.

Why is information collected

All the information collected is as minimal as possible, and is used to either provide the basic application experience or to provide a better user experience. Information collected by Plausible Analytics is used to see how many users are on the site at any given time, and also used to see where people leave the site, to try and improve the user experience, this information is however not personally identifiable.

How your information used

Provided information will never be used for advertising purposes, it will only ever be used by you (through the provided applications, or in downloaded form) or for debugging purposes. No processing is done on your data.

Who your information is shared with

No personally identifiable information provided by you is ever provided to any third-party.

Security of your data

A number of methods are applied to ensure complete security and protection of your data from any unauthorized access. Applications have restricted access to any data that is provide and stored. Applications provided, that store sensitive user data are tested for security faults and password protected. Every possible measure to ensure the safety of your data is undertaken.

Changes to this Document

Please note that this Document may change from time to time. I expect most such changes will be minor. Regardless, applications / services related to this document will display a notice of the updates, if the changes are significant, I will provide a more prominent notice, usually per email (for registered users). When I post changes to this Statement, I will revise the "last updated" date at the bottom of this statement. I therefore encourage you to periodically review this page for updates to this Document.