Privacy Policy

Updated: 1 May 2020

Your privacy is a key concern. I aim to reduce the amount of personal information accessible. Other than the basic information requested for the creation of your MauritzOnline Account. I also aim to keep your data secure and private.


Notifications are provided to keep you informed about new applications accessible on the site (e-mail opt-in is available). There are also notifications for security warnings, changes in data collection and more (e-mail opt-out is available). The notifications provided are delivered either through email or through the Messages panel on your Account Page.

Information that is collected

Information collected by the login system marked (under this paragraph) with an asterisk is information used to keep your account secure. Your Email address is used to find which user you are logging in-to, and for sending news about large changes (e-mail opt-out is available). Display name is completely free form, it is only used for greetings (does not have to be your real name). Plausible Analytics is also used to track site usage.

Login System

  • IP Address *
  • Browser (type) *
  • Operating System *
  • Client "Fingerprint" ((OS, Browser, User Agent, IP Address) => hashed) *
  • Session type (session / remember me)
  • Email Address
  • Display Name
  • Password (hashed) *
  • Profile Image (optional)

WordPress Updates

  • Theme name
  • Uploaded theme file
  • Theme version number
  • Theme version size
  • Theme version changes (optional)

Additional information about your account is stored, but none is personally identifiable, information such as: user code (random number), role (user / admin), plan (free / premium), activated (yes / no), failed logins (0-). Additional information is also stored on an application basis, but none of it is personally identifiable.

How information is collected

Information is collected from the user through the information they provide when signing up for an account, or when using an application connected to that account. Small amounts of information is collected from the browser, such as your IP Address, Browser, Operating System, Client "Fingerprint", this information is never used for anything other than security of your account. Plausible Analytics may also collect small amounts of information from your browser.

Why is information collected

All the information collected is as minimal as possible, and is used to either provide the basic application experience or to provide account security. Information collected by Plausible Analytics is used to see how many users are on the site at any given time, and also used to see where people leave the site, to try and improve the user experience, this information is however not personally identifiable.

How your information used

Provided information will never be used for advertising purposes, it will only ever be used by you (through the provided applications, or in downloaded form) or for account security. No processing is done on your personal information.

Who your information is shared with

No personally identifiable information provided by you is ever provided to any third-party.

Security of your data

A number of methods are applied to ensure complete security and protection of your data from any unauthorized access. Applications have restricted access to any data that is provide and stored. Applications provided, that store sensitive user data are tested for security faults and password protected. Every possible measure to ensure the safety of your data is undertaken. Sensitive information such as your IP address is always stored in a secured format, either encrypted or hashed, never stored in a plain format.

What happens to your data after account deletion

When you mark your account for deletion it will take 14 days for your account to be deleted, under this time period you are able to cancel the deletion, but when this time period has passed your account will be deleted and all data related to this account will also be deleted. This can not be undone. You can mark your account deletion on your Account Page.

Requesting a copy of your data

You can at any time request a copy of all the data about your account, this includes application data, account security logs, account details, and more. Data copy requests can be submitted from your Account Page. A data copy request can be sent once a day.

Forms protected by Google's Invisible reCAPTCHA

MauritzOnline may sometimes use Google's Invisible reCAPTCHA to secure forms, because of this submitting of forms will subject you to Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Changes To This Document

Please note that this Document may change from time to time. I expect most such changes will be minor. Regardless, I will post any big document changes on Twitter, if the changes are significant, I will provide a more prominent notice, usually per email (for registered users). When I post changes to this Statement, I will revise the "last updated" date at the bottom of this statement. I therefore encourage you to periodically review this page for updates to this Document.